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2015 Convention and Symposium Information

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Only a few AF "Permission Codes" remain. AF folks with local permission (and funding) may attend with a code. Everyone else, y'all come; see you onsite! Questions? Please call Bud or Pam at 703-385-2802

SECAF has approved all USAF to attend until we reach 1500 USAF-funded. When we get close, we will start dispensing codes by phone. Call AMC/CCX (618) 229-1757 or Bud or Pam at 703-385-2802. See you in ORLANDO!!

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2015 Symposium Schedule/Agenda

This year's Airlift/Tanker Association Annual convention will be Wednesday and Thursday, October 28 - 29. Starting earlier this year at 1800, the A/TA and Air Mobility Command Symposium will continue Thursday, concurrently with the A/TA Air Mobility Technology Exposition, 29 October through Sunday, 1 November, at the Orland World Center Marriott.

You can see a 2015 block diagram, a generic overview, or download the 2015 schedule (This draft is under revision).

When available, you can view the 2015 Exhibit Hall hours; in the meantime, please call Bob Dawson, 828-455-7426.

If you want to propose topics, or have a schedule question, please contact the Symposium Chairman, Jeff Bigelow.

Our A/TA and Convention logos are free for all convention use.

Speakers and DVs

TBD Contact Miles Wiley

Rooms Reservations

A/TA itself does not limit convention participation. Nor is there any shortage of rooms, despite any appearance of a local "quota." If you may and want to attend, you may attend, and A/TA will take care of you.

Please see our Rooms ROE for detailed procedures. If you have any questions, please email OUR ROOMS POC at

Each Exhibiting company should have a room POC that individuals should contact for rooms. If you do not have a room-reservation POC, contact

DO NOT negotiate individual or independent group contracts with hotels. You may be contacted by a third party offering a reduced room rate for this year’s event. These groups have NO standing with A/TA or any of the hotels. We STRONGLY recommend you do not use these third parties to secure room reservations. Independent contracts create a personal liability for YOU, the signer. The A/TA will have no ability to help YOU out of that liability! You may forfeit A/TA transportation help as well.

Arrival Recommendations

Check Marriott's Orlando World Center Marriott site for hotel services and directions. (Do not attempt reservations on the hotel site; see rooms quidance above.)

Please schedule all transportation (especially mil air if approved) to arrive as early in the day as possible to allow picking up the registration materials. Please see Local Airport Transportation Suggestions.

Please expect security to be strident on every leg of your trip, including convention registration. Plan to arrive early and pick up your registration materials before you even check into your hotel, if possible. Registration will open Wednesday afternoon to accommodate the more lengthy registration procedures anticipated again this year. Help keep us safe!

**Have your photo ID ready**

All registration volunteers attend the opening reception (so far scheduled to start at 1900); you may be delayed if you have not completed your registration prior to 1845.

Suggest you do bring a social guest/spouse

Social guests attend at the registrant’s rate. That is, if you are a member, the guest pays your member rate. All guests must pay for any event, no matter how “short” the intended visit. (This includes guests accompanying you to the evening hospitality areas). Please understand that there are no "free" or "reduced-rate" options for children of any age. Although Disney is nearby, there are no child-friendly A/TA events for children who may have travelled with you. If you have already registered or have more than one guest, just call us with your additions: (703) 385-2802. There is always room for another guest.

Banquet, Golf, and Crud

Banquet ROE

The Banquet is included in full registration. This year, banquet seating will be managed individually vice by POC. Every attempt will be made to automatically assign you and your guest(s) a seat near others in your chapter area (if you have one), or in accordance with your request indicated on your registration input. VIPs, award winners and such will be managed individually. Please contact the banquet coordinator Bob Ford with any questions. You can always call us to add a guest for just the banquet, or for everything. (703-385-2802)

Dietary Restrictions such as vegan or gluten-free can usually be accommodated by the hotel -- but at the banquet only. At the banquet itself, ask your server for the appropriate meal. Please allow us to give the hotel a "heads up" by advising us at:


The 2015 A/TA golf tournament will take place on Thursday morning, 29 October at the Orlando World Center Marriott's Hawk's Landing Golf Club. Register for golf online when you register for the convention. (You can register for golf only.) The tournament will be a shotgun start scheduled at 8:00AM based on a select-shot format. Sign-in at the course will begin at 7:00AM. The cost of the tournament is only $145 which includes morning coffee, lunch and prizes. Course location, foursome and hole assignments will be posted at the A/TA registration desk, Wednesday afternoon. Corporate sponsors are sought to support the golf tournament with either give-away logo items for the ditty bags, one for each golfer, or team (four items), individual prizes, or cash donations to purchase prizes. Please email the Golf volunteers at to coordinate your support.


We had a great 2014 tournament!

Check out 2015 CRUD rules to get ahead of the 2015 game!!

Future Convention Dates




27 October - 30 October
Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, Nashville
26 October - 29 October
Marriott World Center, Orlando
25 October - 28 October
Gaylord Texan Resort Hotel and Convention Center
2019 - 20
Under Contract
Witch on a broomRefeuling drogue

Note: Convention Start Dates historically have ended up Oct 31 plus or minus a week or so. While nothing is "guaranteed," that bracket is a reasonable aim point.

(Please understand that changing these dates from being over Halloween is not financially achievable.)

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