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Registration & Cancellation Policy - Recommend you print a copy of this page or print the pdf version.

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See what AMC is saying about Government support on the AMC web site: Questions/Problems? Email AMC/CCX

We know these instructions are very complete (and sometimes a bit negative, sorry); but, please print out and read this stuff anyway administrative staff especially! We know that you may be filling the form out for someone else; but your mistake will still be charged to the attendee. And PLEASE don't call us in lieu of reading the instructions -- we will only refer you back here we've tried to cover all contingencies.

Registration is not open yet and is pending government approval for funded attendance.

When we open, please click the link at the bottom of this page to proceed to the payment options.

Call us anytime to add a guest or golf, or, if you must cancel: (703) 385-2802;
but, cancel BEFORE the convention starts or we'll "spend" your money!


  • Don't forget there is a site search pane at the top of each web page if you are looking for something specific.
  • Pleaseread all the instructions below, especially the cancellation instructions.
    Pay dues at the same time
    using a separate card.
    Recommend you not use a government card to pay for any personal fees, i.e., dues, golf or guest registration.
  • When you submit payment, you will get an automatically-emailed receipt. Print it immediately: we can't produce another like it later.
  • Log in anytime to view your membership and registration status, or to print a substitute online receipt.

Frequent Answers:

  • See tab at top for fees:
  • Full registration includes all events (except golf, $125, and your hotel, of course).
  • The Member Rate is a membership benefit. To register at the member rate, your membership must be current through at least November.
    The membership fee is non-refundable -- even if you subsequently don't attend FOR ANY REASON
  • You can pay membership fees with registration: $40 1Yr; $110 3Yr; $500 Life
  • No partial registrations except for Guests of full registrants and in some cases, invited speakers.
  • Invited speakers and their immediate traveling staff may receive a discounted rate ($100) for the day of their presentation and sign up only for that day. (Otherwise, only social guests may sign up for a single event.)
  • We take VISA, MC, Discover or Amex but only with SSN last-4 and email address, card number, exp date, CVV and "signature."  We currently cannot handle purchase orders or bank transfers for memberships or registrations. We take checks with mailed forms.
  • Spouses who are A/TA members should complete a separate form for proper recognition.
  • Use one form for you the registrant and your social guest. Guests of Registrants register at Registrants rate (without a separate membership fee).
  • If you have more than one guest, please call us (703-385-2802) with the additional names.
  • Guest-Banquet-only pre-registrations are permitted. You can use a second card for your personal portion.
  • Registrants may receive the early rate only if a completed form and full payment are postmarked or received by 15 Sep .  After 15 Sep , the higher pre-convention rates will prevail -- no exceptions. Incomplete forms OR payment will NOT qualify for early rate. Payment must accompany form, regardless of method of payment. On error, please call us. Do not send duplicate or "updated" forms. Call (703-385-2802 or email us at
  • No web input or mail can be received after 1700 EST 23 Oct (office unmanned ).
  • You may register at the A/TA registration desk upon arrival at the on-site rate.
  • And sorry no, you can't pay now and send names later.


What does it cost to cancel?
Is the
membership refundable?
How can I pay for my registration with one card, and my personal membership dues or guest with second card?
How do I
What about
What about
Award Winners?
Why can't I
substitute for someone?
Can we use the GPC (formerly called
IMPAC Cards ?
How do I sign up for
Banquet seating?
What should I wear?
Why won't my file open when I'm eating toast?

Every year, we have soulful requests for exceptions to our rules on refunds, including membership refunds. Sorry, but we don’t grant exceptions . Ever.

We know that the instructions for the registration form have become quite lengthy. But this is to allow the maximum flexibility for the registrant. Without the complexity, cancellation and refund opportunities would be impossible. There are limits to the flexibility however. When Bud and Pam move to the convention site (after 23 Oct ), so moves the entire A/TA "headquarters office." The A/TA office phone, (703) 385-2802 will be forwarded to Bud's cell phone.

(Back) Cancellation:

Cancellation Fees. $30 through 15 Sep; $40 through 23 Oct ; $50 thereafter. (This includes changing charges from one card to another.) Refunds may be made based on your cancellation confirmation number, obtained after personal cancellation with Bud or Pam Traynor, prior to 1800 EST on Thurs, 30 Oct , at (703) 385-2802; You should do this yourself, rather than depend on friends or other workers. Card refunds should be made automatically to your card within a day of your request; check payment will be refunded individually by check to each individual. Refund requests without a cancellation number will not be honored; so when you talk to Bud or Pam, be SURE to get one! We intend to process all refunds before year end. You do not need to give a reason for your cancellation: however, no duty or family emergency releases you from your responsibility to cancel or from the cancellation fee. And again: Membership dues are not refundable.

Personal cancellation is the only way to prevent being charged as a no-show The fees charged don't cover minimum expenses for A/TA and there just isn't extra money to cover someone’s error or lack of responsibility – no matter how important the TDY or dire the family emergency. A/TA has less capability to be generous than the hotel and you know the HOTEL charges for a no-show, regardless of the excuse. Make the effort personally; it’s the only way to be sure you won’t be stuck with the bill.

(Back) Membership:

Membership must be current through November to register at the member rate. The membership fee is non-refundable. No exceptions. When you log in, you will be shown what your membership dues status is. PLEASE, if you wish to register at the member rate and need to pay dues, please, please do it as you register on the registration form -- even if you are paying for registration with a "company card" as you can use two different cards on the form. No need to first become a member separately (it doubles our processing workload).

(Back) Registration:

The only option is FULL registration. No line-item registrations are available except for guests, invited speakers and their indentured traveling staff. You may register as a Non-Member or with a member discount. Further, we are offering military and government employees (sorry, not contractors or retirees) a discounted rate. If you choose to register as a non-member and are not Government or military, you must pay the full non-government non-military non-member rates. Guests register at the registrant's rate.

If you have a correction, just call or email us. Payment must always accompany the form, regardless of method of payment or form. Registration forms with checks MUST be mailed together. Marrying them up later is too time consuming and error generating. When you register online you will be emailed a receipt to the address you gave. This receipt cannot be re-created so print and save it for your voucher. If you do not immediately receive an email receipt, presume you gave us a bad email address. Login again and check your email address. Everyone with a valid email address will be sent an email confirmation when the registration is processed. A backup online receipt can then be obtained after logging in with your name and last-4.

Early registration is an incentive to register early for administrative processing reasons – not just for early payment of the money. This means, for example, if you do not have the name of a registrant, you cannot just pay by the deadline and get an early rate. Similarly, if you want to register someone after the early registration deadline, you must pay the higher rate for the new person as appropriate. The canceled person will be reimbursed at the rate paid (less cancellation fee and dues, if applicable).

To register at the member rate, membership must be current through November. The membership fee is non-refundable. Members may receive the early rate only if this completed form and full payment are postmarked or received by 15 Sep . Incomplete forms or incomplete payment do not qualify for early rate. Use one form for a registrant and non-member social guest; your guest registers at the member rate. Spouses, who are A/TA members, should complete a separate form. We can take VISA/MC/Amex/Discover. You must include your SSN-last-4, email address, card number, exp date, CVV and "signature." Full registration includes all events except golf.

Postmark a mailed registration NLT 16 Oct to ensure it arrives before the office moves to the hotel. After that, plan on web NLT 1700 EST, 23 Oct , or registering at the hotel at the on-site rates.

(Back) No Substitutions

There can be no registration substitutions. Individuals may be canceled; and new individuals may register. Specifically, no one may capture someone else’s early rate after the early deadline. We cannot "bank" funds. This restriction applies to checks as well. Remember a new registration must have all information supplied on a new form. Dues are neither transferable nor refundable to a person cancelling. (See cancellation instructions)

(Back) GPC Cards: (formerly known as IMPAC)

A/TA can take any Visa, MasterCard. Amex or Discover card. If use of your Government Purchase Card is approved, it may only be used individually online. All tracking must be managed at the local level. We treat all registrations as individual registrations. We would prefer that all registration information, including dues payments if applicable, be received at the same time via the web registration ( Every person who is submitted must be a current member through November to get the member discount. Some organizations have given individuals paper copies (with a separate credit card for dues and/or guest registration) to the card manager who then keys in both the Group card number for registration and the individual's personal card info for any personal items (dues, guests, etc.). You can download a PDF version for this use, but may only submit the registration online. While you may, it is not necessary to do membership first; please do both at the same time.

Log in anytime to view membership and registration status. (When we're very busy it might not be updated immediately).

(Back) Exhibitors:

In A/TA, exhibitors are attendees as well as exhibitors, and as such, pay the nominal registration fee. There are no reduced rate or partial registrations, however, there are limited free full-registration certificates based on exhibit size. Please see details in the Exhibitor Package and the Exhibitor page for exhibiting information.

(Back) Banquet Seating:

This year, banquet seating will be managed individually vice by POC. Every attempt will be made to automatically assign you and your guest(s) a seat near others in your chapter area (if you have one), or in accordance with your request indicated on your registration input. VIPs, award winners and such will be managed individually. Please contact the banquet coordinator Bob Ford with any questions.


Online Registration for the 2014 Convention in Nashville is not available yet.

Until the online registration form is available
you can send us a printed
pdf version

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