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Quick Instructions:

  • Full registration includes all events except, of course, golf ($145), and your hotel room. (See Rooms ROE.)).
  • Early registration ends Midnight EDT 18 Sep; Pre-registration ends 1700, 22 Oct. (See Fees overview.)
  • The Member Rate is a member benefit. To register at the member rate, your membership must be current through at least November.
  • The membership fee is non-refundable--even if you subsequently don't attend for any reason
  • You can simultaneously pay membership fees ($40 1Yr; $110 3Yr; $500 Life) with registration using a second credit card.
  • No partial registrations except for Guests of full registrants.
  • Spouses who are A/TA members should complete a separate form for proper recognition.
  • No web input or mail can be received after 1700 EST 22 Oct (office unmanned).
  • You may register at the A/TA registration desk upon arrival at the on-site rate.
  • And sorry no, you can't pay now and send names later.
  • Click link to preview a pdf of upcoming online registration form. (For viewing only; please don't try to use)

Expanded Instructions: (Click Heading to open or close)

Additions/Changes/Cancellations: (You must call 703-385-2802)

Cancellation/change fees:

$30 through 18 Sep; $40 through 1700 EST, 22 Oct; $50 thereafter. (This includes changing charges from one card to another.) Membership is never refundable.

How to Cancel

Cancellations must be made personally and received by Bud or Pam Traynor prior to 1800 convention-local, preferably by phone at (703) 385-2802 or in person at the convention registration desk (not the hotel registration desk). You may cancel by voice mail or email at, however, this doesn't get you an immediate cancellation number and you risk the message not being received in time for a refund. You do not need to give a reason for your cancellation; however, no duty or family emergency releases you from your responsibility to cancel or from the cancellation fee. Personal cancellation is the only way to prevent being charged as a no-show. Like the hotel, A/TA can't cover anyone’s error or lack of responsibility –- no matter how important the TDY or dire the family emergency.


If you have a correction, just call or email us.


Any time after registering, call us to add an event or person


Every year, we have soulful requests for exceptions to our rules on refunds, including membership refunds. Sorry, but we don’t grant exceptions—ever.

Refunds may be made based on your cancellation confirmation number, obtained after personal cancellation with Bud or Pam Traynor, prior to 1800 convention-local on Thurs, , at (703) 385-2802; You should do this yourself, rather than depend on friends or other workers. And again: Membership dues are never refundable.

Card refunds should be made automatically to your card within a day of your request;check payment will be refunded individually by check to each individual. You do not need to give a reason for your cancellation: however, no duty or family emergency releases you from your responsibility to cancel, or from the cancellation fee!

USAF-funded Attendees: Please Click Here

All (seriously, only and ALL) USAF attendees from any USAF Command, traveling on USAF-funded orders are required to use an AMC/CCX Registration Permission Code when registering. (This does not apply to contractors or other services, Joint or Combined.) Until Preregistration ends, these codes can be generated by entering “Any USAF-Funded” from the drop-down on the main registration form on the website. If you generate an error message instead of a code, please immediately call A/TA 24/7 at (703) 385-2802.

(Otherwise-funded registrants from non-USAF services/agencies, Joint or Combined, as well as unfunded registrants, e.g., PTDY, and contractors, do not need and may not use a code; and attempting to use one will result in an incomplete registration pending additional payment.)

When we hit 1500 permission codes issued, we will have to receive cancellations before accepting new registrants.” When this occurs, please contact AMC at 618-229-1757 (DSN 779) or or call Bud & Pam at 703-385-2802. (Please note that TRANSCOM, a Joint command, may not use a code.)

Note that anyone may -- and is recommended to -- become a member and register at the cheaper member rate. This may be financially beneficial if you are bringing a guest, as a social guest registers at your rate benefiting from your membership. (No officemates, etc.)

Warning: Opting out of the banquet means you are also opting out of all Saturday evening activities -- including the pre-banquet reception, the banquet itself, and the hospitality suites afterward. Although not a requirement, we strongly believe AMC has designated the Banquet as a Service-Dress event and believes that it will be an event you won't want to miss. Please consider that the evening is fun, full of camaraderie, and historically well worth your time – and the marginal cost, when you consider your total per diem allowance, should be taken into account. AMC allows you to put the Banquet on your GTC and not claim it, or, to put it on a separate card -- your choice. You may not put the Banquet on a GPC under any circumstance. Removing a charge from a GPC will result in a $40 or $50 cancellation charge!

Please see our recommended Dress Code

From “DotMil” sites only, see what AMC is saying about Government support on their AMC web site

Questions/Problems? Email (and yes, it's "amc.amc.").

GPC Purchase Card Use

All A/TA registrations are individual, i.e., there are no group payment options.

Because many registrants will want to put personal charges, e.g., membership, banquet, golf or a guest, on a separate card, either the card holder will need to share the GPC info with the registrant -- and let the registrant register normally (A/TA's preference) -- or, the registrant will need to share their personal card info with the GPC card holder along with their full contact information, badge preferences, et. al.. If the latter is chosen, the registrant can download a pdf version of the registration form to give to the GPC card holder to input.

Please note that you will be charged the appropriate cancellation fee to remove personal fees from the GPC should you fail to heed this warning.

Also Please: the GPC card holder should not change the registrant's email address, rather, should ask the registrant to forward a copy of the receipt.

GPC card holders may contact Bud & Pam after the convention to obtain an accounting of everyone who used your card.

Member Rate

Membership must be current through November to register at the member rate. When you log in, you will be shown what your membership dues status is. PLEASE, if you wish to register at the member rate and need to pay dues, please, please do it as you register on the registration form--even if you are paying for registration with a "company card;" you can use two different cards on the form. (You do not need to first become a member separately -- it only doubles our processing workload). Again though, the membership fee is non-refundable — no exceptions.

Use one form for a registrant and non-member social guest; your guest registers at the member rate. Spouses, who are A/TA members, should complete a separate form. We can take VISA/MC/Amex/Discover. You must include your SSN-last-4, email address, card number, exp date, CVV and "signature." Full registration includes all events except golf.


The only registration option is FULL registration. No line-item registrations are available except for guests, and some invited speakers and their indentured traveling staff. You may register as a Non-Member, or preferably with a member discount. If you choose to register as a non-member, and are not Government or military, you must pay the full non-government non-military non-member rate. Guests register at the registrant's rate.


Please note that Joint- or Combined-funded, non-Air Force-funded (e.g., Army), and Contractors do not need and should not obtain a permission code to proceed.

For those without internet access, please postmark a mailed registration NLT 15 Oct to ensure it arrives before the office moves to the hotel. After that, plan on registering via the web NLT 1700 EST, 22 Oct , or registering at the hotel at the onsite rate. (Note: Government options are accommodated online-only.)

Use one form for a registrant and non-member social guest; your guest registers at the member rate. Spouses, who are A/TA members, should complete a separate form.

We can take VISA/MC/Amex/Discover. You must include your SSN-last-4, email address, card number, exp date, CVV and "signature." Full registration includes all events except golf.

Please be aware, when Bud and Pam move to the convention site (after 22 Oct), so moves the entire A/TA "headquarters office." The A/TA office phone, (703) 385-2802 will be forwarded to Pam's cell phone.

Early and Pre-Registration Explained

Early and Pre-registration are incentives to complete your registration early for administrative processing reasons – not just for early payment of the money. This means, for example, if you do not have the name of a registrant, you cannot just pay by the deadline and get an early rate. Similarly, if you want to register someone after the early registration deadline, you must pay the higher rate for the new person as appropriate. The canceled person can only be reimbursed at the rate paid less the current cancellation fee (and less dues if applicable).


In A/TA, exhibitors are attendees as well as exhibitors, and as such, pay the nominal individual registration fee. There are no reduced rates for exhibitors or partial registrations; however, there are limited free full-registration certificates based on your exhibit-booth size. Please see details in the Exhibitor Package and on the Exhibitor Page.


When you register online, you are emailed a receipt to the addresses you gave. This style receipt cannot be re-created, so print and save it for your voucher. If you do not immediately receive an email receipt, presume you gave us a bad email address. You can Login again to generate a subnstitute receipt at the pink flashing arrow. You should also check your email address and update as necessary. Everyone with a valid email address is sent an additional separate email confirmation when the registration is processed.

Again, after we process the registration in the database, a substitute online receipt can then be obtained after logging in.


There can be no registration substitutions. Individuals may be canceled; and new individuals may register. Specifically, no one may capture someone else’s early rate after the early deadline. We cannot "bank" funds. This restriction applies to checks as well. Remember a new registration must have all information supplied on a new form. Dues are neither transferable nor refundable to a person cancelling.

However, if you used an authorization code, you might be required to give that code back to your unit or to whomever you got it from. (AMC Guidance pending.)

Online Pre-registration for the 2015 convention in Orlando is now closed.
You may still become a member and/or register onsite at the convention.
There will be registration kiosks onsite.
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